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Gothic Alert:
We've moved to greener - make that - DARKER pastures!

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Geko - Probing the Gash in Her Head - 7"


Red Vinyl

Join My Pretty World

1. She Says
2. Goodnight
3. Trickle In
4. Join My Pretty World
5. Mary Loves the War Zone
6. I Never Knew Any of This
7. Nameless
8. Miss Me
9. A Toxic Life
10. Completely This
11. When We Were Very Young

Geko are similar to Lycia (Ionia CD)
from the late 80's (1988-1989)

Band Line-up:
Sarah Folkman - vocal, bass, drum machine
Carrie McNinch - guitars

Carrie also did some artwork for the
Open IV comp 7" EP which contains "A Toxic Life" by Geko.

If you haven't hear GEKO then you are missing out on
a great band.

It is amazing how much they sound like an
all female version of early Lycia.

You MAY be able to get their CD and 7" EP on EBAY.

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