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Gothic Alert:
We've moved to greener - make that - DARKER pastures!

Join us in the graveyard:


Gothic WAV Samples

WAV samples of hard to find vinyl records
These samples are provided here to give YOU an idea of what bands you may be missing.

Autumn Fair-10" Sample
Sorority Sampler - Blue Blue Blue -1986-LP Sample
Judgement of Paris-Signal-CD Sample
Borgeshia-LP Sample
Click Click-LP Sample
Glorious Din-LP Sample
we'll have more samples soon from bands like:
TCH CD Sample (industrial kinda gothic)
Ninth Circle
(great 80's sounding gothic)

Know of any other sites that have hard to find gothic WAV samples? Please let us know!

Band Pages:
Of A Mesh
Red Temple Spirits
Deception Bay

The Leather Nun - LP Sample 1988 (is it gothic??)

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Trance to the Sun


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Gothic Music