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Gothic Alert:
We've moved to greener - make that - DARKER pastures!

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Ambient Music

Recommended CDs:

Pete Namlook - Silence - CD

Pete Namlook - Silence V - CD

Pete Namlook - Wired - CD

Pete Namlook - Psychonavigation - CD

Pete Namlook - Psychonavigation 5 - CD

Pete Namlook - The Fires of Ork 2 - CD
The last song has some really strange sounds - sounds like billard balls or something. The first song isn't that good either, the other tracks are really good!

Pete Namlook - Shades of Orion - CD
Reviews Coming Soon: Pete Namlook - Silence - CD

Pete Namlook - SYN II - CD

.. by the way.. you can get samples of a lot of these CDs on Go there and search by artist: namlook. You can get 30 seconds from each track. Their reviews seem to make them all sound really good ( as if it would say 'this stinks, don't buy it' next to a 'Buy Now' button )

This will be our ambient, space, atmospheric music section.

Reviews and links:

We Got Coffee - Ambient Music CDs

Pete Namlook
Bill Laswell
Steve Roach
Vir Unis
and others.

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Recommended CD

Dogon - Redunjusta (1998) 2xCD

This is one of the all time greatest ambient / collage / strange samplings bands ever! I came across their first CD in a budget bin for $1.49 (The Sirius Expeditions) and I was hooked ever since. You can probably find MANY sound samples on other sites - the samples may not show enough of their true greatness though. This ranks easily in my top 5 of favorite CDs. Unfortunately they only have this and their 1st CD. Would be a GREAT suprise to find out that they have another CD I didn't know about. AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING!!!!
Reviewed: Sept 2003

Our Yahoo group is also for fans of Ambient Music like Pete Namlook, Bill Laswell and others on the FAX Ambient label.
Tetsu Inoue, David Moufang, Dr. Atmo,
Mixmaster Morris.

Download samples, post on the message boards and meet others fans of ambient music!

Oblivion Ensemble -CD on Complacency Rec.- 'Nightmare SinistrotorsE'
not really 'ambient'. more like an eerie gothic soundtrack
Track Listings:
7.Beneath Twilight
10.(falling down)
12.The obliarch Next


1999 and beyond
Gothic Music