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Gothic CD Reviews

Subsonic Symphonee - Oscillator - CDEP ( 2003 )
Review coming soon!

Circle Clan-Follow the White Line CD (2003)
Heavy Sci-Fi Industrial with REALLY LOUD Slayer sounding guitars! This sounds like music that would be used in a car chase from The Matrix (movie). They remind me of Cyberaktif (WaxTrax). The best track on this is Dopehaus (Track #4). This also contains 2 extra tracks: a remix of Track #2 (Follow the White Line), and a 'remix' of Track #6 (Girl). There is a slow ambient track called Leaf, which was really good, but was only 2 min long. The original Girl mix (track #6) is actually a mellow 'made for radio' kind of track.
Subsonic Symphonee - Images - CDEP (2003)

First impression: An aggressive industrial WaxTrax sound - similar to KMFDM, Front 242, and Front Line Assembly. This CDEP contains 7 version of 'Images' - the original from the forthcoming 'eXtreme eVolution' CD and a 3 1/2 minute radio cut, plus 4 remix versions by Robert Cross, DJ Acid Reign, DJ TonyC, and DJ Killavirus. Each remix runs and average time of 6 minutes, with the Robert Cross mix being the best. This CDEP also contains the video of 'Images'. The band looks like they came out of the Charlton Heston movie The Omega Man - the 'they only come out at night' people - and we all know that the best people only come out at night.
Lilac AmbushLilac Ambush -Fragile - CDEP

WOW! Their 3rd release, and I must say I am completely amazed! This could be one of the best undiscovered gothic bands of 2002. This release contains four tracks of dark Depeche Mode style greatness. They seems to have developed into a strong/full sound that MUST be heard! You can download their tracks HERE. Get the track called 'Dead Wood' - You'll be listening to that song for a long long time. (reviewed by SPIDEY) visit -

Zeitgeist - Spirit of the Times - CDEP

This is a promotional CD featuring assorted tracks from their regular releases. They sound like a very mean gothic rock band - mean in a nice way. They do a cover of a Christian Death song on this CDEP. This is the kind of goth you want to play really loud - and there aren't too many band like that. (reviewed by SPIDEY)

visit -

Devour Ensemble - The Moon's Bright 3rd - CDEP

Poetic avant-garde somewhat gothic music. Complex song arrangements make for a more essentric rock feel. To find our more on this band visit . (reviewed by SPIDEY)

Lilac Ambush
Lilac Ambush - Breathe Deep - CDEP

An improved sound compared to the Earthbound CDEP. Better production and better songs, making this a move in a positive direction. Maintains the 80's Pop Gothic sound as on their Earthbound CDEP. Think Depeche Mode, early Xymox and Gary Numan. (reviewed by SPIDEY)

visit -

Lilac Ambush

Lilac Ambush - Earthbound - CDEP

Has an early Xymox type sound. Sort of a Pop Gothic sound, each song with a strong melody. (reviewed by SPIDEY)

visit -

immaculateblackImmaculate Black - Songs of Lust, Tragedy and Despair - CD

Gothic Rock. Straight forward and haunting. Dark Rock with vocals like Lycia, only more upfront. CD contains ten songs. To find our more information on the band click HERE. (reviewed by SPIDEY)

Other Reviews:
Trance to the Sun-Bloom Flower Bloom-CD - Just like all their other CDs. Highly Recommended.

Ninth Circle-Ninth Circle-CD 1996 -
Like a dark Depeche Mode. 80's sounding with male/female vocals. Sound samples.

TCH-Sinflower-CD-1997 -
Industrial, experimental, and ambient beats. A few long songs, a few short. You'll probably only end up liking a few of the songs. Some are okay ambient stuff like Dogon(one of the all time great bands). Sound Sample

Trance to the Sun-Ghost Forest-CD -
Their first? - Quite good, slightly older and medieval sounding - Still really really good, and hard to find.

Tara Vanflower-This Womb Like Liquid Honey-CD -
Ex-Lycia. Sounds Hardly like Lycia, a few songs are 'okay', the rest are not. If you can get this for under $4 it is worth it for the 3 or 4 decent tracks which try to sound like Lycia.
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Perfume Tree - CD

Sorta an ambient dance techno slightly gothic CD

Rating System:

1 spider = Kinda okay, not something we would listen to often.

2 spiders = Semi-decent, but only a few songs on the CD are actually that good.

3 spiders = Really good goth. Worth hearing every so often.

4 spiders = Now we're talkin'! - Really close to a perfect CD. The kind of CD someone mentions and you say "Ohh, play THAT one!!"

5 spiders = Perfection! The kind of CD you want to take with you where ever you go. The kind of CD you love forever - the kind you want to be buried with.

Half a spider = half a spider

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