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Gothic Alert:
We've moved to greener - make that - DARKER pastures!

Join us in the graveyard:

Projekt Records!

Gothic Wallpaper

Gothic Wallpaper

800 x 600
1200 x 900

This wallaper was created by US at
Click on the image to view/download the desktop wallpaper.

Made from an original photograph of a REAL graveyard.
Only the colors have been altered (such as the purple sky). I'll put a photo of the
untouched image here soon.
All the gravestones were already crooked - pretty eerie!


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This has a file area, and message board
and chat space. Gothic and Ambient
Recommended CD

Trance to the Sun - Azalean Sea -CD


EVERY CD by this band is HIGHLY recommended

1999 and beyond
Gothic Music