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Gothic Alert:
We've moved to greener - make that - DARKER pastures!

Join us in the graveyard:

Welcome to "Always at Night" Gothic Music

Our favorite bands include: Lycia, The Wake, Joy Division, Stereotaxic Device, Glorious Din, Dead Can Dance, Ikon, Clan of Xymox, Immaculate Black, Play Dead, Zolex, Bauhaus, Frolic, The Shroud, Switchblade Symphony, Rosetta Stone, Trance to the Sun, Frolic, Pete Namlook, Bill Laswell, Dr. Atmo, and many more!!

Our station had to go 'off the air', but we
recommend these stations:

Carmilla Radio
@32kBps ~ What's Playing Now
Waiting For... @32kBps ~ What's Playing Now


Here are several bands we

Trance to the Sun
Trance to the Sun
- at first I thought they were some techno dance club band because of their name. Okay, I was WAY WRONG! This is an awesome band! Somewhat like a more intense Lycia. Each of their CDs are FULL CDS, not some short 40 minute release. Their CDs all run OVER 72 min long! You can download some of their tracks from . I think they have already released 5 CDs so far, a few of them on the Projekt Label.

- another band you may like. They released two CDs so far - you can get them from . They are like a light ambient Lycia. Many of the tracks blend into each other, making it the kind of CD you would listen to in its entirety. Best listening to in the dark, with headphones. They also have a few free tracks on .

Site of interest:
Old School Punk - Screams From The Gutter

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Recommended CD

Lycia -
A Day In The Stark Corner - CD

One of the all time greats from the 90's.

on Projekt Records

New bands of interest:


1999 and beyond
Gothic Music